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Instructions following evaluation of decision implementation to intensify fruit and vegetable import substitution

June 12, 2017

The President has approved a list of instructions on the results of the evaluation of the federal executive authorities’ work to implement the laws and presidential resolutions aimed at intensifying import substitution on the domestic market for fruit and vegetable products.

These instructions to the Government of the Russian Federation are aimed at intensifying import substitution for fruit and vegetables on the basis of meeting the strategic goal of creating life-cycle production models in domestic agriculture – from seeds to the marketing of finished products.

These instructions require, in particular, regulatory stipulation of the nation’s fruit and vegetable self-sufficiency measurements that would meet modern standards of healthy nutrition; the priority use of competitive Russian-made seeds, equipment and materials by domestic agricultural producers; the formation of a system of wholesale centres and storage facilities for fruit and vegetable products and the coordination of inter-regional product circulation.

The Government was also instructed to finalise the development of regulatory legal acts aimed at preventing the import of fruit and vegetable products that are under bans and restrictions.

The Prosecutor General's Office was instructed to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of compliance with international agreements and Russian legislation in exposing and controlling the import of agricultural products, raw materials and foodstuffs that are under bans and restrictions.

The Accounts Chamber was instructed to audit the effectiveness of measures aimed at import substitution of fruit and vegetable products, as well as the effectiveness of the use of federal resources allocated for these purposes.

June 12, 2017