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Meeting with Nikolai Shulginov

May 15, 2024, The Kremlin, Moscow

The President met with Nikolai Shulginov, former Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation.

Vladimir Putin: Mr Shulginov, I would like to thank you for your work – for both our joint efforts and your work for the benefit and in the interests of the Soviet and later the Russian power industry. You have worked with success in it all your life in large companies, top-level administrative work and as a minister.

I wanted to meet with you not only to thank you for everything you have done but also to discuss how to plan our joint work. I think we should continue it but in a different capacity. We will discuss this now.

And I would also like to congratulate you with the order. You have received this award for everything you have done working in the responsible positions you occupied.

Nikolai Shulginov: Thank you, Mr Putin.

I would like to thank you for entrusting me with this post at the time. It was interesting to work although the times for the country and the industry were not very easy. I think the energy industry, including the electricity sector, did well overall. We passed this period.

Now new goals are being set and, in general, the development does not stop at this. We must continue it. As you know, the economy cannot operate without the power industry. Therefore, I think we have many goals ahead.

As for my own destiny, even if there are no offers, I will find something to do for myself pro bono. I will continue some projects, especially large ones.

Vladimir Putin: Excellent. I hope you will support the newly appointed minister. In our system, he headed a relevant division in the structures in which regional governors operate, in the council. Of course, as the Governor of Kuzbass, he knows the energy industry primarily from this side. Meanwhile, this industry is most diverse and sets many goals. I hope you will help him at the first stage, that you will support him in this work.

Indeed, the national economy cannot exist without the power industry. There are many goals. You have done much and I would like to emphasise this again. I hope we will talk about this now and you will do much in the future.

Nikolai Shulginov: Thank you for the award you mentioned. It is a pleasant surprise for me.

Vladimir Putin: The executive order has already been signed.


May 15, 2024, The Kremlin, Moscow