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Greetings to participants, organisers and guests of the 2nd Future Technologies Forum

February 13, 2024

Vladimir Putin sent greetings to the participants, organisers and guests of the 2nd Future Technologies Forum.

The message reads, in part:

“Today's rapid scientific progress opens up enormous potential in areas such as biomedicine, genetics, genomics, neurotechnology and artificial intelligence. It is crucial that the unique achievements of research teams and clinicians be implemented swiftly in practice, in our hospitals and health centres.

I would like to emphasise that we will develop domestic healthcare on an advanced technological basis at all levels, from primary care to large federal centres. And the key priority here is to build a system of medical care devoted to the individual, to a specific patient. This will lead to increasingly effective prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of dangerous diseases, and thus improve the quality and duration of people’s lives. Such a complex, large-scale task requires the consolidation of efforts of the state, medical and scientific organisations, and technology companies. And, of course, we are always open to cooperation and implementation of joint projects with foreign partners.”

February 13, 2024