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Greetings to guests of the gala event marking the 35th anniversary Soviet forces concluding their combat mission in Afghanistan

February 15, 2024

Vladimir Putin sent greetings to guests of the gala event marking the 35th anniversary of Soviet forces concluding their combat mission in Afghanistan.

The message reads, in part:

”February 15, 1989, is a glorious and significant date in the military history of the Fatherland. On that day, the Soviet withdrawal of its limited contingent of troops from Afghanistan was completed. Our invincible, battle-hardened units returned to their homeland.

Hundreds of thousands of soldiers, officers, civilian specialists – medical workers, teachers, builders, representatives of other professions – performed their duty honourably in the most difficult of conditions. They showed fearlessness and bravery, nobility and compassion as they fulfilled their mission. We will always keep alive the memory of the fallen heroes who bravely fought on Afghan soil in defence of the Fatherland.

It is important that over the years and decades you have maintained the unbreakable brotherhood forged in combat, which helped you to overcome all trials and persevere. Today, Afghan veterans participate as volunteers in the special military operation, provide support to the families of their fallen comrades, and devote themselves to the patriotic education of young people.“

February 15, 2024