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Meeting with Government members

May 14, 2024, The Kremlin, Moscow

Vladimir Putin held a meeting with members of the Russian Government at the Kremlin.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Good evening colleagues.

I have just signed executive orders on the new structure of the Government. Congratulations to all of you.

Your nominations have been approved by the State Duma in accordance with the Constitution of Russia. I would like to point out that discussions with the parliament, with State Duma deputies, not only focused on the nominees but also on the situation in various industries and the deputies’ views on the tasks ahead and ways to achieve them in order to implement all of our plans. I hope you will take a serious approach to this in the context of our plans and methods to implement them, and that you will take into account the proposals advanced by State Duma deputies in your work.

There are many tasks on our agenda. To ensure a lasting, sustainable and confident development of our country, we must work jointly and, as the military would say, in close ranks with State Duma deputies and all regions of the Russian Federation.

Incidentally, the Government has been reshuffled, as you know. There are six new ministers, four of whom have come from regional administrations. We know these people very well; they have extensive experience. Some of them have previously worked in the federal Government. After working in the regions, they have gained even more expertise, knowledge, an understanding of both the territories where they worked and of the overall situation in the country. I strongly hope that they will use their skills and the experience they have gained in the Russian regions to their fullest advantage when addressing the tasks they will face in the federal Government.

At the same time, I expect both senior Government officials, as well as all our colleagues working on parallel tracks, to offer them the support and backing they need to succeed.

We have many tasks on our agenda and have gone through almost all the endeavours you will have to undertake within the next three years. But there is more to these efforts. We have also agreed to focus on a six-year horizon. Please, keep this in mind.

Ministries and agencies must waste no time making staffing decisions at their levels so that their teams are up and running and can operate effectively and with confidence.

I have just signed an executive order at the Prime Minister’s proposal to award state decorations to our colleagues who worked in the outgoing cabinet and who did a commendable job. I think that this serves them well. I would like to thank them for their work and congratulate them on receiving these awards.

I scheduled a meeting with our colleagues who have left their positions within the Government of the Russian Federation. It will take place tomorrow. I would like to thank them for their efforts and discuss how they can apply their knowledge and skills by undertaking new missions so that their knowledge and experience are not lost in vain. They can work for the greater good of the people of Russia and the Russian state.

This is what I wanted to say. I will not take up too much of your time. If you think you need or want to say something, go ahead, please.

Mikhail Mishustin: Mr Putin, colleagues.

First, Mr Putin, thank you for your support.

Today, we entered the final stretch with the approval by the members of parliament of all our picks for the positions of deputy prime ministers and ministers. This was the first time we carried out these constitutional procedures, as you have just said. In this connection, I would like to say that this framework enables the executive and legislative branches to forge closer ties and be more inclusive, since we are now getting more feedback from the people, including from the members of parliament. You have emphasised how important that is on multiple occasions.

As you know, Mr Putin, while most of the Government members stayed on in the new cabinet, it has been reinforced by several former governors, which is a very important development. This will enable us to ensure continuity when carrying out state programmes and national projects we have been working on, while also benefiting from the feedback we will be getting from our colleagues from the regions. This is very important.

The Government sees its core mission and primary objective in fulfilling your recent executive order setting forth our national goals, alongside all the other tasks you listed in your Address to the Federal Assembly.

Mr Putin, the Government of the Russian Federation is your team, and we are ready to get down to fulfilling all the objectives you have set for us.

Thank you.

Vladimir Putin: Thank you.


We will have to decide on ways to fund our planned initiatives dealing with support mechanisms for Russian families, as well as for the people of Russia and its businesses. Overall, you all know what I am talking about. We have been working on this agenda for almost a year now, at least six or eight months, or maybe a whole year.

In general, everything is quite clear but there is still a need to fine-tune certain aspects in terms of defining the funding sources, and we need to do it as quickly as possible.

I wish you all the best and congratulations on joining the newly formed Government.

All the best to all of you.

May 14, 2024, The Kremlin, Moscow